Tuesday, February 17, 2015

2018 Art Walk on the Block Call for Artists

Dear Artists and Craftsmen,
The Downtown DuBois Revitalization Group in collaboration with DuBois Council of the Arts and The Winkler Gallery of Fine Art announce:

The Art Walk on the Block Saturday, June 2, 2018

• Artists must be available to meet and greet visitors on Saturday, June 2nd from 10am-4pm and at that time are encouraged to share and engage them in activities. An Art Walk map will be available in May.

If you live within a 150 mile radius of DuBois, we invite you to participate in the Art Walk by submitting the application as soon as possible. Apply on our Artist Registration page.

Submission deadline in May 1st, 2018

All categories will go through a jury for approval 
Visual Arts
• Photography, ceramics, glass, painting, graphics and drawing, graffiti style art done on canvas or pa- per sculpture, fabrics and fiber, quilting, wood, metal, leather, and other traditional crafts (theorem, herbs, candle-making, basketry, jewelry, etc.) All work must be designed and executed by the artist. (Not acceptable are items made from commercial kits, stencils and patterns, plastic flowers, imports, molds, macramé, copies, shell crafts, and embellished commercial objects. All work must be for sale unless otherwise noted)
• Other—Live chalk art and henna art will be displayed outdoors (weather permitting) or indoor within the businesses. Please indicate how long you will be able to stay. 

Performing Arts
All performing arts will be open to free will offering from the audience.
• Music bands, solo musician, group musicians, instrumental or vocal. Provide a description of your band and what kind of music you play.
• Poetry, magicians, mime, monologues, and dance. Children’s story tellers and historic story tellers. De- scribe your act, for what age group, and for how long you will participate that day.
All artists and craftsmen must 18 years of age or older.

To insure a high level of quality, a jury made up of DACOTA members will screen all applicants.

All artists are responsible for bringing their own display stands such as easels, stands, or frames etc.  You will be able to coordinate the display details with the business owner.  At the agreement of the shop owner and the artist, art work may remain up for display for the week until June 9th.  Artists will be responsible for picking up their work.

There is a $20 participation fee to be a part of the Art Walk on the Block.
Artist Registration Form